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1 Ocak 2009 Perşembe

getaphpsite PHP Careers Search Remote File Upload

getaphpsite PHP Careers Search Remote File Upload

link: http://www.exploiter5.com/all.php?id=59

link: http://packetstormsecurity.org/0812-exploits/phpcareers-upload.txt

you go here : http://z0rlu.blogspot.com/script/employers/employer_registration.php

and register to site

after you click to gozat button and select your shell.php for register to site

after go here: http://z0rlu.blogspot.com/script/employers/employers/login.php

and login to site more after click to "Edit Info" ( you must look to left )

you must be here now: http://z0rlu.blogspot.com/script/employers/employers/EditInfo.php

and you right click to your logo select properties and copy logo link

go your shell:


exp for demo:


user: zorlu

passwd: zorlu1


and shell:

http://www.phpstore.info/demos/phpcareers/employers/employer_logos/1228994464_offer_c.php ( no permission for demo )

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